Conde Nast's magazine empire will be using the Adobe publishing tool to publish and sell mags on Apple's iOS...AND with the fantastic "flash" capability intact through the use of ingenious Adobe apps.

For those who aren't aware, Apple resisted the use of the fantastic "flash" technology on their new iOS/iPad outlet by not including an Apple in-house designed app to allow the great clarity and sharp graphics technology that is "flash" and sets Adobe apart from the rest in this area...including Apple.

Sour grapes? I think so. But, there is always more to the backstory on these things. 

This from gadgets for geeks site

Condé Nast plans to use Adobe's tablet publishing tool

 Condé Nast has announced that it will use Adobe's
 publishing tools for upcoming tablet editions, rather than taking its own approach. The company has already been using Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite for Wired and The New Yorker, while the in-house methods were used to create iPad apps for GQ, Vanity Fair and Glamour.

Apple's evolving App Store rules had initially forced the publisher to rework its Wired appto comply with restrictions. Although the magazine was created using Flash and then converted using a cross-compiler, the company switched to a method that required thousands of image files and hundreds of megabytes in total data for each issue.

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