Adobe, still the premier online graphic designer resource, is providing a publishing platform that will allow magazines and newspapers to publish to all the new mobile devices.

The new Adobe platform was introduced today at the start of it's Adobe Max Conference.

I learned of this cool news reading an article by
Ron Miller for Fierce Content Management:

Adobe(NASDAQ: ADBE) made several key announcements today at the launch of its Adobe Max conference including a new hosted digital publishing suite support aimed at helping magazine and newspaper publishers publish to a variety of mobile sources including Apple iOS.

The package is supposed to provide a way for publishers to create "unique digital publishing experiences" (such as those found on the iPad), find ways to monetize the content and analytics tools to measure how effective the approach is--all tools publishers need.

The new hosted Digital Publishing Suite provides a way to produce content in a variety of formats including PDF and HTML 5 using Adobe InDesignor Creative Suite5 tools to generate the source content.

The idea according to Adobe is to provide publishers with a "turnkey set of hosted services." These are obviously based on the idea that you are using Adobe content production tools such as Create Suite 5, a good bet since they remain extremely popular among web content designers and developers.

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