If a free Amazon eBook gets popular, Amazon is going to remove it from the free list and put it on a pay list! Better read them while they're free...

This from Jason Boog of Mediabistro/galleycat:

Last December, we reported that 64 of the 100 eBooksthat topped the Kindle bestseller list were free. Today Publishers Weekly broke the news that the online bookseller will soon divide the bestseller lists into free and paid categories.

Here's the scoop: "A representative at the e-tailer has confirmed that the company will soon be dividing the bestseller list in two, one for paid books and the other for free titles. The date for the switch is vague--the rep for Amazon would only say it will happen in 'a few weeks'--but the switch will certainly be noticed many in the industry."

What do you think? We also reported how BelleBooksput five backlist titles in the Amazon Kindle store for free, discovering that four of those titles quickly rocketed to the top ten of the Kindle bestseller list--it will be fascinating to see how the split lists will affect these trends.