You can now self-publish in the B&N eBookstore and!

The reason I say Pubit trumps Amazon is because it comes with a free conversion tool that automatically formats Microsoft Word, TXT, HTML or RTF files into the ePub file format for publication.

This is BIG. Any self-publishing author can attest to the difficulty and frustration with formatting these files for Smashwords, Amazon, iPad, etc. This is a great step forward and hopefully will be followed by the others to make digital publishing easier and more efficient for clients.

This report by
David Carnoy on CNETnews:  

Back in May, Barnes & Noble announcedthat it would be launching a self-publishing platform, and now its PubItservice has officially gone live. The new DIY publishing option allows independent publishers and self-publishing writers to distribute their works digitally through and Barnes & Noble's eBookstore.

The new service will compete with Amazon's pioneering Digital Text Platform (DTP), which many writers have turned to for distributing their works to the Kindleand other devices that run the Kindle Reader software. Sony, too, has a DYI option for its Reader Store, and Apple is now allowing self-publishers to distribute their e-books in its iBookstore thanks to a deal with Smashwords, a start-up that specializes in DIY e-book creation and distribution.

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