Books from countries around the world should...besides detailing their native country's histories and thought processes that defined those histories...address current world challenges and the particular country's feelings, thoughts and possible solutions to those challenges.

Beijing's 17th annual International Book Fair, which begins on Monday in Beijing, and which attracts more and more foreign publishers and authors, is becoming a great venue for exchange of cultural messages and increasing depth-of-purpose for book content that will make an impact on the world literary scene.

This from
Xinhua News   :

Cultural Messages

The value of trading books goes beyond numbers. As China becomes the world's largest and fastest-growing book market, more foreign publishers turn their eyes to the Beijing International Book Fair, which begins its 17th session on Monday in Beijing.

Aside from attracting more overseas publishers and companies as well as having more book titles on display, this year's event is specially designed to better introduce Chinese literature, writers and digital publishing to the outside world as part of the country's cultural "go out" strategy. The international publishing forum and other cultural events will also provide Chinese publishers with valuable international perspectives and marketing experiences besides clinching more deals.

China still has a long way to go before its cultural influence can truly be felt on the world stage. China imports far more books than it exports: The average ratio for revenue is 5:1 and for a time it was as high as 15:1. There have been few Chinese book titles that win international acclaim.

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