Talk about hard work just surviving. The much anticipated YA novel Mockingjay, the last forecasted big seller in the printed book world for the foreseeable future, has the brick and mortar bookstores jumping through hoops to put on all sorts of parties to announce it's debut...even dress-up, costume parties at midnight for goodness sake.

God bless them all! I do wish them much success because I do love bookstores and feel they will always have a place.

Things look bad for print right now, but, believe me, it will have a resurgence.  

Julie Bosman reports on Mockingjay in the New York Times

Long before it was published, it reached the coveted top spot on Its publisher ordered an enormous number of copies printed. Eager readers have planned to celebrate its arrival at elaborate midnight release parties.

It is not “Harry Potter” or “Twilight,” but there are echoes of those phenomena in the reception of “Mockingjay,” the final volume of Suzanne Collins’s “Hunger Games” books, a trilogy of dystopian young-adult novels.

Booksellers around the country are hoping that “Mockingjay,” which is set to be published on Tuesday, will give them a much-needed lift in sales as the summer draws to a close.

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