Amazon, Google and Apple are in the eBook biz, why NOT Boarders? And other current bookstore chains are probably scrambling to integrate digital as I'm writing this post! Follow the money, right?

Calvin Reid reporting in Publisher's Weekly says:

Borders has provided a few more details for its move into offering digital content, beginning with plans to take pre-orders for the new Kobo digital reading device. Kobo’s new $149 e-ink reading devices will begin shipping in June to be followed by the launch of, Area-e, special in-store digital content shops, scheduled to open in Borders’ stores beginning in August.

The online Borders e-Book storewill offer more a million for-pay and free e-books in addition to selling a variety of reading devices. In addition to the Kobo e-reading device, the Kobo e-reader software is available to run a wide variety of devices including the iPhone, iPod/Touch, Pre, Blackberry and PCs and Macs. Borders is also offering its own branded software for reading e-books on a variety of devices including the Android OS. The new Kobo device will also come stocked with 100 free classic books to get readers started.  
The launch of Area-e digital boutiques will give, “us a strong in-store digital presence,” said Borders Group interim president and CEO Mike Edwards. “We’re excited to offer the Kobo eReader to our customers, the first of what will be a wide selection of eReaders we’ll sell,” he said, “along with an online store that supports a variety of devices, giving consumers freedom in the eBook world at the best possible value.”