Maybe...The iPad offers a more personal experience than computers and more graphics and peripherals than eReaders...but, will readers pay for the mag content...much less invest in the expense of the iPad to begin with?

I feel they will...IF the content is relevent, interactive, well written and not available elsewhere. Afterall, content that people want is king!   

Benny Evangelista, who writes technology for the SFGate (the San Francisco Chronicle), has this view:

For the magazine industry, Apple's iPad isn't just a new gadget - it's an opportunity to get readers to do what they have been reluctant to do: Pay for digital content.

Magazines ranging from Wired, born in the digital age, to National Geographic, first published in 1888, are moving aggressively to reinvent themselves for the iPad and other tablet computers coming to market.

They envision a new product that combines the feel of a traditional magazine - with the same eye-catching graphics and design that keeps readers engaged - with the immediacy and multimedia of the Web.

The iPad is "warmer than a computer, it's more intimate," said David Griffin, recently named to the new position of executive editor for electronic publishing for National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler magazines.

"You're not jumping to another Web page, you're not thrown into another environment, you don't break the spell or the mood you're in while taking in this information," he said.

And perhaps just as importantly, publishers see a new way to get readers to pay for digital content instead of plucking stories off the Web for free.

John's Note: And what's wrong with plucking stories off the web for free?

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