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Are Print Magazines Seeing Some Improvement in 2010?

Posted by John R. on Saturday, December 11, 2010, In : Magazine Publishing 
Is the print mag publishing market finding it's bottom...or optimum level of sustainability? Seems it might be as there were fewer closures this year than last. There were also fewer start-ups than last year, but there were start-ups!

Matthew Flamm has some insightful figures for us un-initiated that are quite revealing in this report for Cain's New York Business:

Magazines say fewer hellos, goodbyes in 2010

A year that saw innovations like iPad-only magazines both launched and shuttered fewer ...

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The Daily Beast Marries Newsweek--A Genius Merger

Posted by John R. on Saturday, November 13, 2010, In : Magazine Publishing 
A popular two year old start-up on the internet, full of new tech and digital savoir-faire, has taken the hand of a very traditional-published, weekly, print news mag...AND the new , young bride (The Daily Beast dot com) does NOT want the older groom (Newsweek) to change at all!

The plan for Newsweek (which does have a web page, by the way) is to mold the print weekly into the upper stratosphere of print mag popularity using some magic, digital dust from The Beast.

Can they do it? I think so! I...
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Adobe Triumphs Over Apple's Resistance to 'Flash'

Posted by John R. on Wednesday, October 27, 2010, In : Magazine Publishing 

Conde Nast's magazine empire will be using the Adobe publishing tool to publish and sell mags on Apple's iOS...AND with the fantastic "flash" capability intact through the use of ingenious Adobe apps.

For those who aren't aware, Apple resisted the use of the fantastic "flash" technology on their new iOS/iPad outlet by not including an Apple in-house designed app to allow the great clarity and sharp graphics technology that is "flash" and sets Adobe apart from the rest in this area...including ...

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Digital Magazines: Paid Content vs Advertising Dollars

Posted by John R. on Friday, October 15, 2010, In : Magazine Publishing 
Something is happening in the digital magazine world that many so-called publishing gurus said would never happen!...Mainly, that online revenues could and would come from consumers willing to pay for online content...AND that this paid content would exceed advertising dollars! 

In fact, this is happening now with the
Financial Times as explained below in a cutting edge interview by FOLIO magazine's Managing Editor, Matt Kinsman, with Financial Times' CEO, John Ridding:  

Game Changers 

Back i...

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New Mobile Magazine to Pursue Paid Subscriptions over Advertising Revenues AND Big Revenue Share with Writers

Posted by John R. on Friday, August 13, 2010, In : Magazine Publishing 
Nomad Editions, a new series of digital weeklies strictly for mobile devices, will debut in October. What sets this digital mag apart is it's business model being 180 degrees off norm...Mainly seeking it's revenue from paid subscriptions versus advertising.

NE will also be paying it's writers and editors with a generous revenue sharing program...This could be a substantial living...IF NE IS SUCCESSFUL!

Anyway, Matt Kinsman, Executive Editor of FOLIO magazine, wrote this about Nomad Editions:
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Newsweek Sold...Will Remain a Vital News Source

Posted by John R. on Monday, August 2, 2010, In : Magazine Publishing 
When Newsweek went on the auction block back in May, some good bidders well as some unsavory bidders. Thank the journalism god for disposing of the junk-journalistic bidders and keeping Newsweek a mainstream, professional news source!

Jason Fell of FOLIO magazine gives this account: 

The deal is done and the announcement has been made: The Washington Post Co. has wrapped up its auction of Newsweek, selling the ailing newsweekly to audio magnate Sidney Harman. The deal was announce...

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