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Borders May Offer Takeover Bid for Barnes&Noble

Posted by John R. on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, In : booksellers 
Both these booksellers have struggled to adapt and keep pace with new digital tech, discounters and online competitors...But, if I had to guess which one would buy the other in a takeover bid, I would have guessed B&N would be the pursuer and not the other way around.

Borders must have more vision and strength than I realized...or they just want to stay in the game. Borders is smaller than B&N but some say they are better organized.

This from the Associated Press through Crain's New York Busine...

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Bookstores Plan Survival Parties Based on Release of "Mockingjay"

Posted by John R. on Wednesday, August 25, 2010, In : booksellers 
Talk about hard work just surviving. The much anticipated YA novel Mockingjay, the last forecasted big seller in the printed book world for the foreseeable future, has the brick and mortar bookstores jumping through hoops to put on all sorts of parties to announce it's debut...even dress-up, costume parties at midnight for goodness sake.

God bless them all! I do wish them much success because I do love bookstores and feel they will always have a place.

Things look bad for print right now, but, ...

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B&N & Blackboard Partner to Offer NookStudy, e-Textbooks

Posted by John R. on Sunday, July 18, 2010, In : booksellers 
College students will soon be able to download textbooks or aggregate and organize other study materials in any neat form they desire to accomplish course work. Technology is making a big impact in the student world it always has! 

But, will it make a big difference in the cost of these materials compared to their printed counterparts? It should! Barnes & Noble indicates a 40% discount...Wonder if this will last? Good news for students if it does. 

Here is an announcement of the up-a...

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Books-A-Million Takes a Dip!

Posted by John R. on Friday, May 21, 2010, In : booksellers 
Books-A-Million's revenue and income dropped a bit at the close of the first quarter ending 1 May 2010. I wonder if BAM is mulling over new biz know, like Barnes and Noble who entered the self-pub sector with Pubit? 

I look to see BAM jumping more heavily into the digital whirlpool and soon!

Publishers Weekly's senior editor, Jim Milliot, reported this:
Books-A-Million reported slight declines in sales and earnings for the first quarter ended May 1. Revenue fell 1%, to $117 millio...

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