One day I will have the resources and time to attend an annual Consumers Electronics Show (CES)...but for CES 2011, I 'll just have to read and watch videos of the wonderful event, being held in Las Vegas this year!

I am absolutely enthralled with the new tablet computer tech and discovered Motorola's XOOM (and what an Android it is!) while reading this revealing article by Jim Louderback, covering CES 2011 for the HuffPost:

iPad Killer: Truly, Really, I Mean It

CES 2011: I'm the first to admit that I fall victim to shiny objects at trade shows, and I regularly call every new tablet an iPad Killer. But now, really, I've found it.

OK, it may sound like I'm the boy who cried wolf - but Motorola's new XOOM tablet is poised to become THE best non iPad tablet on the market when it ships later this year.

Why? Well first, it's the first tablet to run on the Honeycomb variant of Android, which offers a variety of cool new capabilities. But the Motorola software load is what makes the real difference. It intelligently anticipates its position, rearranges the interface, and has a quality of finish that you just don't see in most other Android tablets.

Read and learn more as well as view a terrific demo video...