Global Leaders Institute will be hosting the Digital Publishing Asia Pacific 2010 event in November in China. Everybody who's anybody will be there to hash out the inevitable problems in a huge emerging market...

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Hosted by Global Leaders Institute, world digital publishing industry leaders will convene at Digital Publishing Asia Pacific 2010 (DPAP2010) on November 16th and 17th in Beijing China. The two-day executive summit will examine the hot-button issues facing the digital publishing industry and explore partnering opportunities in the industry in China. The goal of the summit is to find solutions to the developmental bottlenecks of the digital publishing industry in China.

Since the beginning of 2009, the Chinese digital publishing industry has been attracting attention worldwide that the headlines of business media are constantly occupied by various kinds of news about Chinese digital publishing enterprises. For instance, Shanda Literature's digital publishing model was well received at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009; China Publishing Group plans to raise as much as 1.8 billion yuan ($264 million) in an initial public offering in Shanghai by the end of 2010; Chineseall, the largest ebook aggregator and distributor in China rolled out a Copyright Purchase plan with a total investment of 10 million yuan ($1.48 million), aiming to further expand its content base; and Hanwang has just announced partnership with 40 Newspapers, which certainly strengthens its leading position in the China eReader industry. From all the news it is not difficult to find out that the Chinese digital publishing enterprises have not slowed their pace to extend their domain, even in face of the economic recession.

Over 150 high-profile attendees from traditional/digital publishers from home and abroad will gather under the same roof to elaborate themes on the evolution of China's publishing market, a profitable business model for digital publishing, transformation from book publisher to information provider, digital revolution in the educational publishing space, technology innovations of DRM (Digital Rights Management), XML and DAM (Digital Asset Management), multi-channel publishing best practices, eBook format standardization, mobile reading developmental trends, future prospects of eReader, etc.

Renowned presenters speaking at the main conference on Nov 16 and 17 include Nie Zhenning, President of China Publishing Group; Liu Yingjian, Chairman of Hanwang Technology; Margaret Seale, M.D of Random House Australia; Michael Smith, Executive Director of International Digital Publishing Forum; Hou Xiaoqiang, CEO of Shanda Literature etc.

The organizing committee has received many registrations since the beginning of July. Current participating companies include Amazon, Korea Electronic Publishing Association, China Architecture and Building Press, Joint Publishing Group (Hong Kong), Hand Held Culture (Hong Kong), Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group (Taiwan), Yuan-Liou Publishing Group (Taiwan), UDN Group (Taiwan), Chongqing Openclass Magazine, Beijing Publishing Group, HEI LONG JIANG University Press and many more.

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