On Christmas day people, armed with their newly-presented e-readers, downloaded over a million plus e-books!

Talk about regenerating and transforming bestseller lists in an instant...

E-readers have rode in and, in one swell swoop, saved publishing, the book industry and inspired reading. What a shot in the arm!

The only question is: who the hell truly understands all the opportunities in this newly-transformed, sleeker, more efficient, offspring publishing industry??*##% Did I say newly-transformed (like past tense)? I meant to say something that would convey a new state of "continuous transformation...evolving"...Sort of like a giant blob. Remember that old, class B, horror flick with Steve McQueen, The Blob

I think we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is definitely destined to be a wide-open, lucrative (though still hidden in many ways) and mach-speed-changing industry.

If only I had the intelligence to interpret all the possibilities right now!

This blurb from Website Magazine:

E-readers are Rewriting Retailers’ Bestseller Lists

While many in the traditional publishing industry couldn’t wait to close the books on 2010, the makers of the leading e-book readers were trumpeting their record-setting year-end sales of the devices.

Earlier this week, Amazon announced that its third-generation Kindle is now the best-selling item in the company’s history after recently overtaking the "Deathly Hallows" seventh book in the Harry Potter series. Not to be outdone, Barnes and Noble announced on Thursday that its e-reader, the Nook, now qualifies as B&N’s all-time bestseller.

The Nook Color, introduced in October, was Barnes and Noble’s leading holiday seller, the company said. The statement released also included the news that Barnes and Noble now sells more e-books than traditional books through its online bookstore. On Christmas Day, the company reported, customers bought or downloaded close to one million e-books during the 24-hour span.

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