The newly opened Google eBookstore has some nice surprises and offerings. The Google Store can sell books to targeted people right after they search a particular topic AND they can also create an ad-supported publishing model...delivering targeted ads from the book subject purchases...Seems this is more possible since the ebooks will be provided from the cloud configuration.

Wonder what the split is on an ad-supported publishing model?  Authors/publishers get what % and Google retains what %? Anybody?

More details offered in this report by Juan Martinez writing for Direct Marketing News:

Google's just launched eBookstore, which made available approximately 3 million digital books from more than 4,000 publishers, will be a boon for the nascent e-tablet market, according to industry experts. It could also usher in ad-supported book publishing.

The move is Google's play against retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon in the relatively immature e-book market. Less than 10% of US online adults read e-books, noted James McQuivey, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research, in a blog post on the topic. Still, the launch will benefit the tablet and smartphone markets because consumers can use eBookstore to download e-books on any tablet except Amazon's Kindle. However, Kindle users can still download free books from Google.

Google now has a unique position in the digital book space because it can sell books to customers immediately after a Web search on a given subject. The company can also create an ad-supported publishing model, said McQuivey, in his blog post.

“Google intends to provide its books from the cloud, it can deliver ads that are timely and targeted,” he said. “And the economics of publishing are swiftly moving away from an analog production model.”

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