How would you like a machine that prints, binds and trims bookstore-quality paperbacks with color covers in minutes?

Well, the technology is here and Xerox has it! It will be available in 2011. 

This press release is from 
Market Watch:

An innovative, on-demand book printing system that is changing the way books are published, bought and sold worldwide can now be purchased directly from Xerox Corporation. The Espresso Book Machine(R), a Xerox Solution, prints, binds and trims bookstore-quality paperbacks with color covers in minutes. Xerox will now market, sell or lease and service the solution, giving retailers new ways to drive revenue.

The expanded sales and service model builds on a strategy announced earlier this year, where Xerox worked with On Demand Books -- the company that created the system -- to equip it with the Xerox 4112(R) Copier/Printer, which prints books with crisp text and detailed images.

"The on-demand book publishing market has expanded, and so has our support of this solution," said Eric Armour, president, Graphic Communications Business Group, Xerox Corporation. "Xerox's involvement has moved far beyond the print engine -- we are now helping retailers, bookstores, libraries and universities build a profitable on-demand book publishing business."

The Espresso Book Machine's print-at-retail model, which includes the EspressNet(TM) software system developed by On Demand Books, connects machines to a vast repository of content, allowing consumers to access millions of copyrighted, public-domain and self-published books in a matter of minutes.

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