A good community blogging platform site that is full of media and publishing companies! A great place for "us" types...

The lowdown comes from this article on Poynter Online by
Mallary Jean Tenore :

Mark Coatney, also known as "
Newsweek Tumblr guy," announced Monday that he had accepted a job as Tumblr's "media evangelist." The position, he said, will allow him to teach other journalists the lessons he's learned in creating and running Newsweek's Tumblr.

"Basically my job is to introduce Tumblr to big media places," Coatney said in an interview, "and help them best use the service as a way to create and connect to their own communities."

Mark Coatney
Mark Coatney
Several media outlets, including The New York Times, The Huffington Postand The Atlantic, created Tumblr accounts during the same week in June, prompting some to wonder what was going on. In a phone interview, Tumblr President John Maloney said this was a coincidence that reinforced the company's decision to hire someone who could help news organizations learn how to use the blogging platform to their advantage.

"There are publishing companies from all over the world on Tumblr," Maloney said. "We are actively talking to or working with dozens of them, and while we've done a good job helping with our current team, we needed someone who brings unique experience and understanding of traditional media and how it intersects with Tumblr and our community."

Time-strapped journalists might ask why they should bother signing up for yet another blogging platform. The better question, though, is this: How does Tumblr fit into the range of publishing options for news organizations?

Stripped-down, social-minded platform

I see Tumblr as fitting somewhere between Twitter and a full-featured blogging platform like WordPress. Tumblr gives new users the option of searching their e-mail contacts to see if their friends also have Tumblrs, so they have a ready-made community.

Similar to Twitter, you can "follow" other Tumblr blogs and others can follow yours. Tumblr lends itself to deeper conversations, though, because you aren't limited to 140 characters. Like most blogging platforms, you can tag and post text, images, audio and videos.

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