Since I'm a poor slob, I don't own an iPad yet...And I'm sure many more don't either. But, never mind, look what I just found that allows you to view how your site would download (or upload?) to iPad:

From Wordpreneur:

Unless you’ve been really out of the loop recently, you’ve heard of the Apple iPad. Watch it and its kin closely — it’s a major tech movement.

Just like it’s wise to test our sites/blogs on various browsers, it behooves us to check and see what we look like on an iPad. Which is exactly what I did earlier.

Thing is, I don’t own an iPad. Nor will I likely ever have one (I’m holding out for Google’s tablet). Yeah, I could visit a friend who shelled out the big bucks for one. But why bother? Because I have the next best thing: a link to a site that puts a virtual iPad on my screen that then lets me enter any URL for a simulated viewing.

Now you have it too.

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