More intrigue and suspense in the publishing world!...This time all the way to the Pentagon (I don't know which is worse at guarding it's own top secret stuff, the NSA, CIA or the Pentagon?). 

It seems the website WikiLeaks got it's hands on some loose-guarded documents RE the Afghan war and has been publishing them, much to the chagrin of Pentagon officials.

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks' owner, fearing the Pentagon will try and shut him down, has moved his servers to Sweden and will apply for a Swedish publishing license.

Why Sweden? They have a STRONG belief in freedom of speech and press and a transparent society ... More so, it would seem, than the United States.

Johan Nylander, writing for the
Swedish Wire , reports this:

Publishers are a new sort of refugees, WikiLeaks founder said in Stockholm as he plans to publish more secret Afghan documents.

Julian Assange, founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks, will apply for Swedish publishing licence. That would give the website protection under the Scandinavian country's whistleblower protection laws.

"We're dealing with organizations that don't obey the law. We're dealing with intelligence agencies," Julian Assange told news agency TT.

The WikiLeaks founder vowed Saturday to publish the last batchof secret documents on the Afghan war in "a couple of weeks", despite Pentagon pleas they would put further lives at risk.

The website’s server is located in Sweden and the organization passes information via Sweden to protect sources. Sweden has a strong tradition of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Protection of journalistic sources in Sweden is very strong.

"Sweden is vital for our work. We have had long-term support from the Swedish people and the Swedish legal system. Our servers were initially based in the United States and moved to Sweden early on in 2007," he told the newswire.

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