Starting 1 December 2010 Kindle will bump publishers' revenue share to 70% (minus delivery costs).

Delivery costs? this is something I'm still confused about. What the hell is the delivery costs for digital downloads? Maybe one of my smarter readers can enlighten me...I hope so. Even the example given in the article below doesn't add up in my petrified mind.

Anyhow, this royalty about to be introduced by Kindle proves they are eons ahead of the other eBook retailers and bookstores (and their associated mobile devices) in their approach to garner the best content.

Jason Fell of FOLIO magazine reports more details:

While publishers continue to complain about the revenue model of some tablet devices like Apple’s iPad, those that distribute their magazines and newspapers on Amazon’s Kindle are about to see a significant revenue bump. Amazon says starting December 1 it will increase the revenue split so that publishers can earn 70 percent of the retail price for each issue sold in the Kindle Store, minus delivery costs. That’s a reversal from Amazon keepingas much as 70 percent of retail revenues.
To qualify for the 70 percent royalty terms, publishers must ensure that their digital editions can be downloaded to all Kindle devices and applications for the iPhone and PCs, and that readers can access the content in any region where the publisher has rights.

Blog publishers on the Kindle will continue to earn only 30 percent of gross revenue, Amazon says.

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