In a society that wants to sue everybody for anything, you need to know how to write a legal disclaimer for your book. Especially ANY book giving advice or books on health, nutrition, finances and memoirs where characters may defame another...intentionally or not.

Alicia Nicole Dunams gives some examples and some insight into how to write legal disclaimers for books in this timely article for Wordpreneur:

How to Write a Legal Disclaimer for Your Book

With a society that is often prone to rush to litigation, the use of legal disclaimers in books has grown in popularity and is often strongly recommended. These disclaimers are suitable when your book offers health, fitness, diet, or financial advice. They also serve to protect the author and the publisher against liability when their book’s topic might invade someone’s privacy or result in a claim of defamation. In addition, when you provide instructional information or advice, it’s a good idea to protect yourself and your product from being held liable for the results achieved from their use or implementation.

That said, how do you, as an author, craft a legal disclaimer that will protect you and your book? It really isn’t that difficult. The easiest way to find the technical language that should be included in a legal disclaimer is to review disclaimers contained in books similar to yours and revise or mirror them. For instance, if your book offers financial advice, review the legal disclaimers in bestselling books that offer financial advice. It’s recommended that you select books published by a traditional publishing house, which has a legal staff who pens their disclaimers.

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