Something is happening in the digital magazine world that many so-called publishing gurus said would never happen!...Mainly, that online revenues could and would come from consumers willing to pay for online content...AND that this paid content would exceed advertising dollars! 

In fact, this is happening now with the
Financial Times as explained below in a cutting edge interview by FOLIO magazine's Managing Editor, Matt Kinsman, with Financial Times' CEO, John Ridding:  

Game Changers 

Back in 2002, when the digital strategy for most publishers still revolved around posting magazine stories to Web sites, the Financial Times adopted a strategy that previewed what was to come: charging online readers for content.

Today, as the reliance on advertising revenue proves untenable for many publishers, the industry is revisiting the idea of paid content. Two camps have emerged—those who think content should be paid for, and those post-Web 2.0 observers who say all content should be freely accessible and freely shared on the Internet.

For the FT, the switch has been a boon. Total global paid-for circulation is 563,026 (with digital subscriptions up 27 percent to 149,0947), while across print and online, the FT’s average daily audience reaches 1.9 million. The FT Group—which includes Financial Times and, as well as M&A intelligence service mergemarket and The Economist—saw revenue jump 9 percent to about $300 million in the first half of 2010, while adjusted operating profit more than doubled to about $47 million.

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