Nomad Editions, a new series of digital weeklies strictly for mobile devices, will debut in October. What sets this digital mag apart is it's business model being 180 degrees off norm...Mainly seeking it's revenue from paid subscriptions versus advertising.

NE will also be paying it's writers and editors with a generous revenue sharing program...This could be a substantial living...IF NE IS SUCCESSFUL!

Anyway, Matt Kinsman, Executive Editor of FOLIO magazine, wrote this about Nomad Editions:

The launch of Nomad Editions, a subscription-based mobile content publisher, is notable not just for the involvement of media investment banker and former Newsweek president Mark Edmiston and noted designer Roger Black, but also the business model it's pursuing, which emphasizes subscriptions over advertising revenue, as well as a potentially significant revenue share with editors and writers.

Nomad debuts October 15 with four themed launch titles: Real Eats: Stories Behind Food; Wide Screen: Inside the Movies That Matter; Wave Lines: Your Brain on Surfing; and u+me: Voices Behind Videos. Each edition is a digital publication designed specifically for reading on a smartphone or tablet with a 20 to 30 minute reading experience.

Early editions will be geared toward the iPhone and iPad (future editions will be available for other devices as well). But with the platform based on Treesaver, a software suite developed by Black and former Microsoft engineer Filipe Fortes that leverages HTML5, the Nomad apps will be available for direct download or through Apple. "The tech allows us to sidestep Apple if we wish but its also lets Nomad participate in the app store," says Fortes. "We can have the best of both worlds. Being on the Web has all sorts of advantages like Google finding your page, people copying Twitter links and posting links on Facebook."

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