Omekais geared towards the online exhibition of library, museum and archive collections. Their new scholarly site, , will be a boon to researchers and advanced degree well as other academic aficionados.

This new Omeka site will also encourage collaboration and communication; a good thing in research. 

Wonder if something like this would encourage more adult collaboration in D.C.for the good of the country?#@*! 

Just thought I'd ask.

Susan J. Campbell of shares more details about Omeka: 

Is WordPress set to have some competition? According to a recent New York Times
post, Omeka the open-source publishing platform has announced the launch of a hosted Web service, known as

Reports show that while this service is similar to content management systems provided by WordPress, Omeka is actually more geared toward the online exhibition of library, museum and archive collections.

In this sense, Omeka is actually more focused on helping to bring academic scholarship and cultural heritage sites to the Internet. When scholars and archivists use, they will be able to easily build digital exhibits and publish digital scholarship. At the same time, they can take advantage of Web 2.0 tools that are known to foster collaboration and communication.

A variety of content can be found on Omeka, including images, audio, video, text, etc., all of which can be marked with Dublin Core metadata.

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