Peaceful resolution may be at hand! I've posted on this issue previously several times on both this blog and Writers Welcome Blog, but I will give one reference here from Writers Welcome Blog for a little background on Google's effort to corner and monopolize digital rights to books (especially out-of-print books).

Anyway, the French publisher Hachette Livre has reached an agreement with Google that may serve as a model for other countries...It certainly is a pact that benefits all concerned (French authors, publishers and Google) AND allows control to be maintained by the authors and publishers...

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A new agreement between Hachette Livre and Google could offer a way forward in the ongoing dispute between authors, publishers and the search engine over the digitising of out-of-print books.

Under the new deal, Google will be able to scan Hachette Livre's titles where the publisher wants it to, and will then be able to make them available as ebooks for purchase through Google Books. But the publisher will keep control over which books the search engine has access to and books it doesn't want digitised will be removed from Google. The search engine won't have a monopoly on the scanned books either: French booksellers will also be able to sell them.

The deal only applies to Hachette Livre's French language publishing, but Google has also said it is in "notional" talks with UK publishers about a similar deal. The chief executive of Hachette UK, Tim Hely Hutchinson, declined to comment on whether his publishing house would be following its parent company's lead.

"Both parties see this as an opportunity to breathe new life into Hachette Livre's dormant out-of-print works for the benefit of authors," Google and Hachette Livre declared in a joint statement.

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