The fastest growing sector of publishing is in the mobiles. And Apple is in position to control...But they may be screwing up according to a new report by ABCi (Audit Bureau of Circulations 'interactive').
The bottom line is Apple has poor analytics and doesn't share appropriate customer data with publishers.

Steven Sande of TUAW
(The Unofficial Apple Weblog) reports this:

ABCi, the interactive media arm of the
Audit Bureau of Circulations, has issued a new report showing that American and Canadian publishers feel that mobile technology is very important to their futures. As a result, many of these publishers are working on making content available on mobile phones, tablets, and e-reader devices. The report, covered in Poynter Online, shows that a full 60% of respondents feel that making a mixture of ad-supported free content and premium paid content available to consumers is the best way to succeed in the mobile market.

With publishers finally waking up to the fact that the world has gone electronic, ABCi reports that Apple is expected to be the mobile device manufacturer with the most impact on the publishing industry in the next year. But the picture isn't all that rosy.

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