A cool look into the salaries of various professionals in the publishing industry, from executive management to editors and assistants...Interesting stuff...From the salaries, I guess publishing is surviving or at least hasn't hit rock bottom yet!

From PW:

Last year our annual salary survey asked "How Low Can You Go?" and the answer is 2.1%. That is the average industry raise reported in 2009, the lowest raise in at least six years and more than a full percentage point below the meager 3.3% raise earned in 2008. But the survey didn't find all bad news.

Fifty-eight percent of respondents said the financial condition at their company had stabilized, and 20% said the company they work for is expanding. The two most visible signs of growth at companies were the hiring of new employees and restoring pay raises. The latter is welcome news since more than half of survey participants said they received no raise at all in 2009. With companies' finances in better shape than a year ago, industry members were feeling a bit more secure about their jobs, although the 71% of respondents who said they felt secure about their jobs, while higher than in 2008, was still below 2007 levels. The highest number of companies still retrenching were among nonprofits, university presses, and religious publishers.

Despite the slowly improving conditions, the survey found a malaise still hovering over a significant portion of the industry workforce. The survey found people doing more work for the same or less money, a combination that resulted in low pay being cited by 68% of those with job complaints as their main grievance. In 2009, low salaries was cited by 53% of those dissatisfied with their jobs. Increased workload, lack of recognition, and lack of advancement all increased more than 20 percentage points between 2008 and 2009 among those unhappy with their jobs. Overall, those satisfied with their jobs fell by two percentage points last year, to 48%.

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