Gone are the days when self-publishing (SP) was on the "B" list...It has arrived and is getting invites from "A" list groups.

And what was the popularizer or legitimizer? Who gussied up SP?


With a large helping hand from bad management and greed in the old traditional publishing model!

This from the
New Hampshire Public Radio  (Word of Mouth) by Virginia Prescott

Self Publishing Débutante

There’s a new way to make it in the cut-throat world of book publishing. We recently spoke to
Justin Cronin, author of one of this year’s most-anticipated books The Passage. The promotional campaign for the book, we were told, was the most expensive to date for a book by a relatively unknown author.

This is an age when traditional publishers are struggling to find new revenue models to compete with free content online. But like musicians and filmmakers, authors have new tools to skip over the middle men and reach their markets. Online booksellers like Amazon and Borders now offer self-publishing tools, signaling a shift in respectability for what was once considered a last resort for desperate writers.

We talked with Hilary Thayer Hamann, author of one of this summer’s success stories in self publishing. Hamann and her husband first printed “Anthropology Of An American Girl”in 2003. The book made enough of a splash to be picked up, re-published and released by Spiegel & Grau, a division of Random House, in May.

We asked Jason Boog, publishing editor at Mediabistro.com, about how the industry has received the book so far. Boog also described how self published books are revolutionizing the industry.

“Anthropology Of An American Girl” follows a teenage girl from Long Island’s east end in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. It’s been praised by the Washington Post and Oprah’s “O” magazine, among many others, and landed on summer book lists by Amazon.com and Vogue.

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