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"I Have an Idea for a Story!...Now What?"

Posted by John R. on Monday, July 12, 2010, In : writing 

Hi all!...Some advice today about nurturing your creative ideas and getting them on paper.

First of all, have you ever had an idea (and it was a lulu) but you did not write it down and then later forgot what the hell it was? I have (probably because my mind is slipping into LaLa Land) and I have wrestled with trying to remember that exact idea later but always came up with something inferior. Then, after giving myself a headache, I finally give up and move on...Believe me, when the Muse hit...

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Creative Writing in Newspapers?

Posted by John R. on Tuesday, July 6, 2010, In : writing 

Who says you can't make news features more colorful? I always enjoy a newspaper story that presents the facts...but with the three-dimensional ambiance of all the characters and locations involved. I hope I'm saying that right to make my point.

At any rate,
Susan Beam, a journalist for the Columbia Ledger weekly newspaper, says it better than I in this article she contributed to

When a person thinks of newspaper article, without fail, it is understood that they contain the five W'...

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Different is Good

Posted by John R. on Thursday, April 22, 2010, In : writing 

Different is the same as unique...and that's good in writing. You can learn just so much from established, experienced authors; then you must strike out alone and let your own imagination and iteration of it fly!...and realize that some of the experts that initially gave you advice will be different from you and not like all your approaches (as you probably don't like all of theirs, right?).

This is by Candace Havens who contributes to the GENREALTY Blog:

  Candace Havens 

I’m going on the rec...

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