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Market Intelligence for the Professional Publishing Industry

Posted by John R. on Friday, November 26, 2010, In : digital publishing 
In the digital publishing age a balance needs to be created between the customers' desire for immediate accessability at any time to enriched text (enhanced with audio, video, three-dimensional objects, full text searching, note taking, etc) and "...publishers’ needs for financial self-sustainability."

We are at the age where researchers can access works in the form of e-books that are accessable at any time and any place and never go out of print!

This is heavy neatness to the extreme. Publ...

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B2B Publishers Gain More Investor Interest

Posted by John R. on Thursday, November 25, 2010, In : publishing 
Publishing, as a whole, has seen an uptick lately...Not B2B publishing models, however., utilizing info from Data Explorers, a financial data aggregator which tracks stock loan information to provide insight on short selling and long-side ownership, has surmised that the B2B publishers are gaining interest and activity from investors that indicate this publishing model may be on the mend...due in some regard (I think) to improved handling of digitization.

Anyway, PaidContent has...

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Report: 1/3 of iPad Users Don't Use Device for Reading Books!

Posted by John R. on Sunday, November 21, 2010, In : writing digital gadgets 
Well, that means 66% DO use the mobile device for reading books...And that is a great percentage!

Since the advent of the eReaders, tablets and other multitask mobile gadgets, I have felt they would encourage more reading...and especially spur book reading...if for no other reason than to be able to utilize the new fad gadgets.

I was right. And their presence has also resulted in the resuscitation of the publishing industry as a whole!

Another reason for this particular post tonight is to intro...

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