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Are Print Magazines Seeing Some Improvement in 2010?

Posted by John R. on Saturday, December 11, 2010, In : Magazine Publishing 
Is the print mag publishing market finding it's bottom...or optimum level of sustainability? Seems it might be as there were fewer closures this year than last. There were also fewer start-ups than last year, but there were start-ups!

Matthew Flamm has some insightful figures for us un-initiated that are quite revealing in this report for Cain's New York Business:

Magazines say fewer hellos, goodbyes in 2010

A year that saw innovations like iPad-only magazines both launched and shuttered fewer ...

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New Mobile Magazine to Pursue Paid Subscriptions over Advertising Revenues AND Big Revenue Share with Writers

Posted by John R. on Friday, August 13, 2010, In : Magazine Publishing 
Nomad Editions, a new series of digital weeklies strictly for mobile devices, will debut in October. What sets this digital mag apart is it's business model being 180 degrees off norm...Mainly seeking it's revenue from paid subscriptions versus advertising.

NE will also be paying it's writers and editors with a generous revenue sharing program...This could be a substantial living...IF NE IS SUCCESSFUL!

Anyway, Matt Kinsman, Executive Editor of FOLIO magazine, wrote this about Nomad Editions:
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Virgin Group Ltd. Jumping into Publishing

Posted by John R. on Friday, July 16, 2010, In : publishing 
Sir Richard Branson, the British industrialist and founder of Virgin Group Ltd. (a brand of over 360 companies), is going to launch a digital only magazine titled Maverick this October...ushering in Virgin's foray into the publishing world.

Scott Merrill (no decent links about him personally) of
CrunchGearwrites this about Virgin and their e-magazine Maverick: 

Virgin is looking to expand into the publishing market with a new magazine called “Maverick” that targets the upscale international...

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