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"I Have an Idea for a Story!...Now What?"

Posted by John R. on Monday, July 12, 2010, In : writing 

Hi all!...Some advice today about nurturing your creative ideas and getting them on paper.

First of all, have you ever had an idea (and it was a lulu) but you did not write it down and then later forgot what the hell it was? I have (probably because my mind is slipping into LaLa Land) and I have wrestled with trying to remember that exact idea later but always came up with something inferior. Then, after giving myself a headache, I finally give up and move on...Believe me, when the Muse hit...

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You Want Tense? Try Writing It!

Posted by John R. on Friday, June 18, 2010, In : writing 
Should I write my story in present or past tense ? A question often asked. (We won't talk about future tense in this discussion.)

Why not write your story in both tenses, if that's what it takes! As long as it's done without confusing the reader. I like to think that authors can zip between tenses freely if they want to establish different times and eras to connect actions, make a point, show growth or connect resulting outcomes.

Example: A writer of his memoir narrating as an adult about actio...

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How To Tell a Story

Posted by John R. on Monday, May 31, 2010, In : writing 

Storytelling is an art...but MORE than that, it is a gift...I mean, a gift GIVEN.

Stories are also one of the greatest teaching tools...This is overlooked by far too many.

Kevin Cordi, award-winning storyteller, teacher and author, can speak on this subject much better than I and pack more useful information in short paregraphs...So pay attention:

Telling a story is a lot like giving a gift.
Stories can be used to identify unfamiliar terms and broach new ideas. They can be used to present cultu...

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Secrets of Writing Best Selling Children’s Books

Posted by John R. on Monday, May 3, 2010, In : writing 
Writing children's books can be personally rewarding and lucrative. Caterina Christakos, writing for Wordpreneur, gives away some secrets to understanding and structuring novels for the "little buggers." 

Caterina Christakos (Wordpreneur Classic):

Ever wonder how the most successful children’s book writers get their ideas? The answer may surprise you.

Most children’s books are based on the same exact story – good versus evil.

Ex. Harry Potter vs. Voldemort. Cinderella vs. her wicked st...

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