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CES 2011 Introduces True iPad Killer: Motorola's XOOM

Posted by John R. on Saturday, January 8, 2011, In : publishing & writing digital gadgets 
One day I will have the resources and time to attend an annual Consumers Electronics Show (CES)...but for CES 2011, I 'll just have to read and watch videos of the wonderful event, being held in Las Vegas this year!

I am absolutely enthralled with the new tablet computer tech and discovered Motorola's XOOM (and what an Android it is!) while reading this revealing article by Jim Louderback, covering CES 2011 for the HuffPost:

iPad Killer: Truly, Really, I Mean It

CES 2011: I'm the first to admit ...

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Google and Ad-Supported Book Publishing Model

Posted by John R. on Thursday, December 9, 2010, In : digital publishing 
The newly opened Google eBookstore has some nice surprises and offerings. The Google Store can sell books to targeted people right after they search a particular topic AND they can also create an ad-supported publishing model...delivering targeted ads from the book subject purchases...Seems this is more possible since the ebooks will be provided from the cloud configuration.

Wonder what the split is on an ad-supported publishing model?  Authors/publishers get what % and Google retains what %? ...

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Publishing Crossroads - The Main Intersection

Posted by John R. on Monday, November 29, 2010, In : digital publishing 
With the advent of mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone, newspapers and magazines see a hitherto nonexistent opportunity for generating paid subscription digital versions as the new mobiles (and they WILL be proliferating like rabbits!) will be hungry for great, meaningful and pertinent content.

The publishing crossroads is a balancing act between the younger generation, used to digital media and expecting instant info, and the older generation, still loyal to print...and how to make bot...

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Report: 1/3 of iPad Users Don't Use Device for Reading Books!

Posted by John R. on Sunday, November 21, 2010, In : writing digital gadgets 
Well, that means 66% DO use the mobile device for reading books...And that is a great percentage!

Since the advent of the eReaders, tablets and other multitask mobile gadgets, I have felt they would encourage more reading...and especially spur book reading...if for no other reason than to be able to utilize the new fad gadgets.

I was right. And their presence has also resulted in the resuscitation of the publishing industry as a whole!

Another reason for this particular post tonight is to intro...

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