Where is all the action regarding independent publishers and new creative energy happening today?

It's taking place in Brooklyn NOT in Manhattan! And more specifically it's happening this Sunday at the fifth annual Brooklyn Book Festival...

This is a book festival that has quickly taken on an international flavor and will include a special stage devoted to international programming that will feature several famous international authors.

John Williams, writing for Publishing Perspectives, gives us more details:

The Brooklyn Book Festival, which takes place this Sunday, is devoting a stage exclusively to international programming. Among those authors appearing will be Pakistan’s Feryal Ali Gauhar and UK graphic novelist Nick Abadzis.

The programming is a reflection of the broad community of independent publishers making their home in the borough, many of which focus on translations, including Archipelago, New Directions, Ugly Duckling, and Zephyr Press.

It didn’t take long for the organizers of the Brooklyn Book Festival to realize that the event’s international authors deserved a spotlight all their own. The fifth installment of the annual celebration takes place this Sunday outside Brooklyn’s Borough Hall, and it marks the third year of a stage devoted exclusively to international programming.

“When we started out, there was a pretty high representation of Brooklyn-based authors,” said Johnny Temple, chair of the Brooklyn Literary Council and publisher and co-founder of Akashic Books. “But as we’ve grown, it’s become more important to emphasize that the festival happens in Brooklyn and has strong Brooklyn elements and flavors to it, but it’s for authors all over the country, all over the world. We still meet people who recommend authors and then say, ‘Oh, but they’re not from Brooklyn.’ And we have to explain that we have authors coming in from everywhere.”

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