A popular two year old start-up on the internet, full of new tech and digital savoir-faire, has taken the hand of a very traditional-published, weekly, print news mag...AND the new , young bride (The Daily Beast dot com) does NOT want the older groom (Newsweek) to change at all!

The plan for Newsweek (which does have a web page, by the way) is to mold the print weekly into the upper stratosphere of print mag popularity using some magic, digital dust from The Beast.

Can they do it? I think so! I believe there is, and always will be, a market for a print news weekly. The content has to be chosen with discretion and discrimination and presented intelligently; with slants not normally available on the net.

This report by Nat Ives, AdAge.com, by way of Crain's New York Business:

It's the Newsweek Daily Beast Co.

The agreement to merge the 77-year-old Newsweek with the 2-year-old Daily Beast was announced Friday morning, a month after the parties told the world that the talks were dead and three months after Sidney Harman struck a deal to take Newsweek off the Washington Post Co.'s hands.

"Some weddings take longer to plan than others," said Daily Beast editor-in-chief Tina Brown, now also editor in chief of Newsweek, in a post describing the changes. "The union of The Daily Beast and Newsweek magazine finally took place with a coffee-mug toast between all parties Tuesday evening, in a conference room atop Beast headquarters, the IAC building on Manhattan's West 18th Street. The final details were only hammered out last night."

"Today, we look at print from the refreshed point of view of an expatriate who sees the old country with new eyes," Ms. Brown said later in her post. "That will create a great new creative energy -- just as on the business side, it offers a superb dual marketing platform."

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