Ididn't realize until very recently that twitterers were tweeting very short stories of 140 characters or less by the hashtag #vss...

Now there is an anthology of some of these tweet short stories in book form titled  
#VSS Anthology Volume 1 !  

I find this absolutely interesting!...If you practice this very short story endeavor it should help you learn to concisely synopsize which should in turn help you to write better query letters...Right?

Anyway, Polish blogger,
Piotr Kowalczyk, says this on his blog :

It’s a great news for Twitter fiction lovers.
#VSS Anthology Volume 1has just been published, thanks to the big effort of Made in DNA, who initiated the anthology, called for entries and edited the stories into this great book.

Twitter fiction is a fantastic literary phenomenon. It shows how well writers can cope with such a limit as 140 characters. And it brings great results. Many people write fiction on Twitter and the most popular way to follow it is #vss tag. It was originated by the Twitter fiction guru, Very Short Storyand quickly adopted by his fans and fellow writers.

This anthology has one outstanding benefit I was not aware until I read it – opposite to Twitter stream, where you read great stories accidentally, you have all the best of it presented the way it should be: organized. Every author in this book has his exceptional voice and brings his unique world to the reader. Just read a couple of his stories in a row and you’re there completely.

Having in mind that Twitter just makes you blink and you’re away in the archives, anthologies like this one have an incredible value.

The book is available for free from Smashwords. You can read it on-line or download to your device. There are many formats available, including ePub, mobi, rtf, pdf and plain text, so I’m sure there is one to fit you e-reading device.

#VSS Anthology is out, but the authors are on. Check what they’re writing about right now on Twitter.

PS. I’m really glad I’m part of this anthology and was helpful in designing the book’s cover. »»»