A German author has introduced a concept for new e-books that will further differentiate them from traditional books...And, he hopes, will make them a better reading experience for readers.

The German author who is on a mission to make e-books more interactive, and with the possibility of no beginning and no end, is Juergen Neffe and his program is called Libroid.

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Barry Neild for CNN :

Never-ending book heralds new chapter in e-publishing

It's an age-old problem for avid book readers: You become so engrossed in a good page-turner that when the end arrives, you're still crying out for more.

But if a new creation offering books that don't end proves successful, such heartache for fiction fans could be a thing of the past.

Libroid, the brainchild of German author Juergen Neffe, is a new program that tries to reboot the e-book for the interactive age, offering readers the possibility of potentially limitless content with every publication.

And with the publishing industry in turmoil as corporate giants take fewer risks amid revenue uncertainties, Neffe hopes his product will offer a new creative outlet that could revolutionize book writing.

"I saw that what happened to the music industry is happening to the book industry and one day I woke up and said 'I don't want to drown in this,'" Neffe told CNN.

"So I started thinking about what the book of the future would be."

It's certainly a pressing question for the publishing industry. As more of the book business moves off the printed page and onto a computer screen, publishers who can corner this new market stand to win big.

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