We could always choose where and when, just not how. Technology has enabled us to receive digital, video and audio formats in almost any location and over large and small devices...Neat, no?

The introduction of eReaders, iPads, SmartPhones and iPods, etc. has actually increased the number of readers (and people interested in reading) through an intense modern obsession with gadgetry (but, our ancestors were probably taken with gadgetry, too)...If ever there was an instance where the end justified the means, this is it...More people reading is a good thing. And if gadgets can ignite an interest in reading, so be it! Maybe this is just the thing that will reverse our society's dumbing down... 

E-book sales are up 193% or so through August 2010 over a year ago! AND, they make up 9% of the total book market...Pretty impressive gain for the new kid on the block in such a short time. Many, including bestselling author Stephen King, predict that eBooks will make up 50% of the market by 2012 or 2013.

Bob Minzesheimer, USA Today, wrote this eReader report as related in TheDailyPlanet.com:

A Budding Interest in E-Readers

Jamie Groves has doubled his reading - up to more than 40 books a year - since he began downloading e-books on his Kindle.

Sandra Hines calls her Nook her “best Mother’s Day present ever,” after initially worrying, “It wouldn’t feel like I was reading a real book.”

Liz Jones used to buy a book every few months until she began reading on her iPod Touch. Now she’s downloading a book a week.

All are converts to e-books - books read on handheld devices. Still a minority, their ranks are growing and transforming the definition of reading and books.

E-book sales make up 9 percent of the consumer book market. Through August, their sales are up 193 percent over a year ago, according to the Association of American Publishers.

Novelist Stephen King, who says he does nearly one-third of his own reading on an iPad or Kindle, sees e-books becoming 50 percent of the market “probably by 2013 and maybe by 2012.” But he also warns: “Here’s the thing - people tire of the new toys quickly.”

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