I first discussed the WePad about two weeks ago in my other blog http://alturl.com/4z88 It's advanced press indicates the WePad has all the iPad contains PLUS many extras (like flash video, a Linux OS and USB ports). 

This is from TechTremor.com written by David(BTW, David, you should tell TechTremor to at least list your last name & give a little more bio on YOU):  

Neofonie GmbH
, a Berlin based company, is set to release a Tablet PC called “WePad” that rivals Apple’s iPad, in July of this year. Its highlights include a Webcam, bigger screen, USB ports and (hopefully) better WiFi. It will come with Open Office pre-installed, a Linux based OS and you will be able to run the application of your choice to play music.

Other details that give it an edge over the iPad are the ability to multi-task, built in support for Java, Flash, Adobe AIR and Android apps as well as an 11.6″ 1366 x 768 Resolution Display. An in-depth comparison can be found here.

The iPad will still have the advantage in weight, cost ($100 cheaper) and battery life. (extra 4 hours.)

I admire such a small company (180 employees) for attempting such an ambitious project. Trying to take on a huge company and a very popular product of that company is not an easy thing to do. Its good to know that there will be iPad alternatives available that offer comparable features and quality. Competition for the big guys means the little guys win as hopefully the prices will get driven down, issuesget worked out and better hardware and features become available. If anyone gets a WePad, let us know how she runs.

Here is a Reuters Videoof the WePad announcement.