Technology has improved publishing means...AND that also includes printed word publishing as well as digital publishing.

This neat piece of information comes from FOLIO magazine and it's staff:

Publishing Technology 2010

Today, the publishing industry is being driven by technology more than ever before. As business models evolve, the right technology can make or break new products, from the back-end of a Web site to new customer-facing channels such as mobile and tablet apps.

But it’s not just advances in online technology that are propelling the market. Print production and manufacturing continues to evolve as well, even to the point that print and digital workflows are becoming seemless. For the 21st Century content company, “write once, publish everywhere” is the standard.

Here, FOLIO: offers a detailed look at the new developments and best practices in four key areas: cloud publishing; digital magazines (including tablets and mobile apps); print production and manufacturing; and content management systems.

Section One: Publishing on the Cloud

Section Two: Advent of New Devices Shakes Up Production

Section Three: Beyond Digital Magazines: Tablets, E-Readers and Mobile Apps

Section Four: The Rise of the Web CMS

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