About John R. Austin


I was born in Key West, Florida. A rather famous hangout for some past famous

writers: Hemingway and Tennessee Williams to name two. I just hope that I

possess a glimmer of their talent.


Attended Saint Joseph’s elementary/middle School and Mary Immaculate High School in Key West and  graduated with honors.


Graduated from the University of Florida in 1965 with an Architectural Degree in Building Construction and later, while on active duty with the U.S. Air Force Engineers, received a Master of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering.


Wrote my master’s thesis titled: “A Methods Analysis of the Air Force Engineering Management System of Total Programming” and achieved limited publication within the Air Force engineering community for instructional purposes. 


Have lived in the countries of China (Taiwan), Germany, Portugal and South Korea; and in the United States in Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas and Wisconsin.  


Living and interacting with individuals in various foreign countries, with diverse cultures and customs, and ten different states, with different attitudes and outlooks, has equipped me with a uniquely incisive and worldly understanding of human nature. 


I have been writing for fifty plus years. Most of my writing has been in the technical, instructional and business areas.

I am working on my first book: "Havana Harvest---When Cuba Was

Naughty!" which details my coming of age experiences in 1958 Havana, Cuba, at

the age of 15.


Besides Havana Harvest…When Cuba Was Naughty! I am also structuring two other stories based on my life adventures and travels: Alaskan Cherokee and Taiwan Tango.

 I have been researching self-publishing as perhaps a maturing industry, coming

into it's own as a result of new technology, to get my novel/s published and keep

more of the money in my own pocket. I have been reporting on this in my Writers

Welcome! blog at http://johnaustinblog.blogspot.com. This throws us headlong

into the necessity of then having to market our own books...but, hell, we had to

do that as first-time authors with the traditional publishers anyway! 



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