A little history and young romance in Key West. Deliciously humorous and


slightly bawdy. A tempting slice of Americana in the vein of American Grafitti. A


fast and delightful read!

It’s autumn 1958 in Key West, Florida. Rock and roll is still new after Rock


Around the Clock’s debut just three years earlier. Sock hops, Elvis Presley, Fats


Domino, drive-in restaurants and drive-in theatres are wildly popular.


The emerald green and aqua oceans surrounding the Florida Keys are brimming


with shrimp, oysters, lobster and all manner of other fish. The charter boats are


always full. The living is easy.



And our blossoming 15 and 16 year old physiques are also brimming…brimming


with raging hormones racing through our young bodies seeking…seeking…


seeking what? Sexual awareness? Sexual manifestation? Sexual gratification?


Hell, sexual anything!



The good sisters at Mary Immaculate High School take in female boarders from


rich South American families to teach them English and school them. Yours truly


and Billy Ramon begin dating two of these beauties, Irene from Venezuela and


Lela from Argentina, and through many humorous hardships and roadblocks and


playing mental chess with the Nuns finally position ourselves in a place of sexual


discovery like no other.





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